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The Power of Body Language

Learn how to decode body language and perfect your nonverbal messages.

  • How to Be a Human Lie Detector
  • Master Your Communication and Presence
  • Increase Your Impact

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Master Your People Skills

Learn how to inspire, influence and engage people in this life-changing 30-day program.

  • The Psychology of Personality
  • Successful Communication Science
  • Speed Read People You Meet

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The Body Language of Love and Dating

Find relationship success with the nonverbal science of seduction. Learn the subtle romantic signs to decode your date.

  • The Science of Attraction
  • The Nonverbal Science of Flirting
  • Use Body Language to Build a Connection

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Body Language for Entrepreneurs

Use nonverbal communication to increase your income and influence as a business owner. Master body language for success.

  • Craft a Killer Pitch
  • Learn Power Nonverbal
  • Body Language for Negotiation and Sales

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