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In this quiz you will watch several videos of people playing 2 Truths and a Lie.

After each video, you will be asked to identify which statement was the lie.

Ready? Let’s do it:


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Thanks for playing! Did you get all 5 of the videos right on the very first try? You might be a Truth Wizard, email us.

Learn the 5 Steps of Lie Detection:

Do you want to know how to spot lies in every situation? Arm yourself with the knowledge of human lie detection? Gain this new superpower? We are ready for you!


I will teach you how to be a master lie detector. This is a super-charged, power packed course that will change the way you see people–oh yes, it is fascinating. I believe everyone should know how to get to decode emotions, uncover lies and read people.

When you can spot TRUTH you:

  • Save money—know which deals are legit and which are fake.
  • Save time—know exactly what kind of person you are dealing with.
  • Save yourself—I never, ever want you to be taken advantage of.

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lie detection the course