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You totally “clicked here” and we want to reward you!

We are running an experiment on the blog to see who would be curious enough to click the button–it means you are high in “openness”.

Basically, you are a badass internet explorer.

And we love it!

Thank you for being you.


The Science of People Team

About Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a national best selling author & lead investigator at her human behavior research lab, Science of People. Her groundbreaking book, Captivate: Use Science to Succeed with People was chosen by Apple as one of the most anticipated books of 2017. She writes a monthly Science of Success column for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Huffington Post. As a professional people watcher her unique work has been featured in CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Inc, Business Insider and more. Vanessa leads innovative soft skills trainings for Fortune 500 companies including Google, Dove, Facebook, Intel, MillerCoors and American Express.


    1. Danielle McRae

      Hi Stu! Yes, we have a few articles on curiosity:

      – Dopamine boost:
      – Bucket List:
      – How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci:
      – 7 Ways You Can Be Socially Successful:

      Danielle | Science of People Team

  1. 2deuces

    No, not baby animal pics, anything but that. I’ll have to cancel all of my appointments!

    Well played, Vanessa, well played.

  2. Caq

    I’ve been avoiding the button all this time because I /knew/ it was an experiment of some sort 😛 then thought… “why am I even doing this” xD

    1. Danielle McRae

      We love rebels here at the Science of People– thanks for playing!

      Danielle | Science of People Team

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